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Gaju Bhai- Sabka Bhai, Starts 18 April at 6 PM

Gaju Bhai- Sabka Bhai - Disney Channel

A brand new show, Gaju Bhai starts April 18th only on Disney India!

Upar sky, neeche Gaju Bhai... baki sab paani kam chai”

Meet Gaju Bhai the superstar of ‘Jollywood’, where everything is jolly good, like a Bollywood pot-boiler this show has everything – Action, Comedy, Drama, Song & Dance!

Gajubhai is so super that one dimension is not enough for him!

He is a super star in one dimension and an accidental superhero in another, who saves the kingdom of Gajrajpuri for the young and cute prince Iravan from the trickery of multiple mysterious villains!

This isn’t just Bollywood, this is Jollywood!

Where Gajubhai saves the day…Everyday…SOMEHOW!



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