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Encounter of Loyal Gangster Hegde

Encounter of Loyal Gangster on Sony

Get set for the high dose of entertainment and action as this weekend, Encounter brings you the deadly tale of underworld’s top gangster Hegde. The show which has been depicting out-of-the-box series on interesting tales of gun and power is going to feature some of the television’s well-known actors like Bhanu Uday, Manish Wadhwa and the gorgeous Aarti Singh in pivotal roles.

The episode highlights the story of Hegde and Kedar known for their extortions in the Bollywood industry. Pasha, known as the king of the underworld fraternity, enters Bollywood with the aim of commencing the business of funding and distributing movie rights. He gets his right hand, Nana involved in the business who passes on the responsibility to his loyal member of the gang - Hegde. With the support of his main man Kedar, Hegde establishes himself in the industry. Famous for their loyalty, the duo leaves a powerful mark in the underworld. Meanwhile, Pasha falls in love with an aspiring Bollywood actress named Naina, who gets support from her admirer to become a superstar.  The torturous reign of gangsters Hegde and Kedar comes to an end with the entry of Inspector Pravin Wagle, who was responsible for their encounter.

Manish Wadhwa as Gangster Hegde in Encounter on Sony
Manish Wadhwa as Gangster Hegde
Talking about his role Manish Wadhwa says, “I am playing the role Hegde, who is a very soft-spoken and intelligent gangster. He is not a regular goon but a business man who knows what he wants. Playing this role was very challenging as it required me to be soft at the same time powerful. Working in Encounter was fun as the show belongs to a completely different genre, which makes it very enjoyable.”

Bhanu Uday as Inspector Pravin Wagle in Encounter on Sony
Bhanu Uday as Inspector Pravin Wagle in Encounter on Sony
Commenting on his experience Bhanu Uday said, “I am playing the role of a cop after a really long time. At first, I was very hesitant about it but once I started shooting I realized it was like coming back home. Encounter is a very unique show with a very strong storyline which led me to do this role. The director and the crew are really amazing; we all have different sets of ideas which eventually helped in making each episode really interesting. It’s a very exciting experience as you get to know a new dimension every single time.”

Aarti Singh as Bollywood Actress Naina in Encounter on Sony
Aarti Singh as Bollywood Actress Naina in Encounter on Sony
Talking about her experience on portraying the character of Naina, Aarti Singh says, “I am very excited and thrilled to be playing the role of Naina. It’s a very challenging and distinctive role for me, very much different to what I have done so far. Naina is strong-headed and enjoys power. I hope I do justice to her and I wish the audience love it too.”

The episode will also feature some of the prominent actors liked Ganesh Yadav and Shakeel Khan who will add to the drama quotient in this action packed episode.

Tune in to watch the all new episode of Encounter on Friday and Saturday at 9 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television


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